Exploring Heidelberg

Brimming with curiosities and all things ancient, the small, southwestern town of Heidelberg is quaint in its truest form. The university town is vastly inhabited by students, much like other German cities like Darmstadt and Stuttgart. The town has become a must-see destination on the German travel map, owing to its stunning landscapes, rich history, … Continue reading Exploring Heidelberg

Day Trip to Bruges

One of the best things you can do in Belgium, apart from gorging on its delicious food, is take a day trip to one of its beautiful towns and explore them by foot! One of those must-see destinations is Bruges, a city in northwest Belgium, about an hour and a half away from Brussels. The … Continue reading Day Trip to Bruges

The Brussels Story

Synonymous with Frites, Beer, and the heavenly smell of chocolate everywhere- that is Belgium for you! The capital city of Brussels is the embodiment of the country’s culture and history. A perfect blend of food, culture, and all things beautiful, Brussels is a true European delight which definitely deserves a spot on your travel itinerary. … Continue reading The Brussels Story

Florence: The king of Italy

Often known as the ‘King of Italy’, Florence is a Renaissance-rich Italian city, with a huge number of tourists visiting it every year. Though less complicated to explore than other Italian cities, Florence itself offers a wide variety of cultural monuments and museums, that uphold its artistic legacy. Read on to know how to make … Continue reading Florence: The king of Italy

Vatican City: A complete guide

For most of us ‘woke’ travelers, Vatican City is synonymous with the home of the Pope, and its string of holy places to visit, as a result. Scattered with museums and a beautiful lineage, Vatican City makes for a fun, informative trip for a whole day of sightseeing. If you’re in Italy, i would definitely … Continue reading Vatican City: A complete guide

Left my heart in Cinque Terre

Lying snug in the heart of Liguria, Italy, is the picturesque province of Cinque Terre. Dotting the landscape of La Spezia, it is made up of five breathtaking villages surrounded by the Italian Riviera coastline. The colourful, rustic-looking buildings, and the steep staircases are a typical embodiment of the string of beautiful towns. The small … Continue reading Left my heart in Cinque Terre

A Parisian Adventure

Picture this: A classic French morning, accompanied by a leisurely stroll through the Parisian avenues, munching on a croissant, grasping at the monumental beauty of the city that is Paris. Essentially the ‘City of Love’, Paris is strongly associated with elegance, grace, and the ability to make anyone fall in love! Let’s dive into the … Continue reading A Parisian Adventure

The Roman Diary

The Roman experience begins here A saying by Giotto Di Bondone goes, ‘Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.’ Rightly so, the Roman empire that now lays in beautiful ruin, is a swarm for innumerable tourists every year. Rome is a city built upon history, with almost … Continue reading The Roman Diary

That Venetian Vibe

Resonating with beauty, history, and vibrance is the majestic city of Venice. Also called ‘Venezia’, this hub of history is timeless and dazzling, with its canals and surreal architecture. Venice is one of my personal favorite Italian cities, commanding competition for one of the most romantic cities in the world, perhaps.  With its labyrinth of … Continue reading That Venetian Vibe

I Amsterdam

A cobbled city of bridges, canals and unsolicited surprises, Amsterdam is one of Western Europe’s most popular cities. The Netherlandic capital boasts of all things offbeat. Whether its a 17th-century Golden Age experience you seek, or an innocent walking tour to discover the city, Amsterdam has a plush array of experiences to offer at every … Continue reading I Amsterdam