Vatican City: A complete guide

For most of us ‘woke’ travelers, Vatican City is synonymous with the home of the Pope, and its string of holy places to visit, as a result. Scattered with museums and a beautiful lineage, Vatican City makes for a fun, informative trip for a whole day of sightseeing. If you’re in Italy, i would definitely recommend checking out Vatican city. Read on before you prepare your itinerary!

Views on views!

Getting to the Vatican

The Vatican is located right in between Rome, and is hard to differentiate, if it had not been for its distinctive museums. Therefore, it makes the most sense to take a one-day trip to the Vatican from Rome.

Vatican city oozes royalty.


If you’re planning to take a taxi in, go straight to the Vatican Museums from wherever you are in Rome.


A more viable and convenient option is the metro. You can take the Red line from Rome and get off at either Ottaviano or Cipro stops, from where the museums are a short walk. I would recommend Ottaviano if you’re coming from the direction of the centre of Rome.


You could, alternatively, also make use of the bus, which will take you to the entrance of the Vatican museums. The bus ride should take you not more than an hour or so.


Vatican museums

Begin your trip of the Vatican from the museums, as it is easier to get to other places from here. Home to some famous renaissance from around the world, the Vatican museums are a delight for art lovers. Each inch of the museum is decked in art, paintings, and sculptures, and are scenes to die for!

A painting marvel.

Sistine Chapel

Located at the end of the museums, the Sistine Chapel is a part of the Apostolic Palace, with an iconic ceiling painted by Michelangelo.

Explore with me?

St Peter’s Square and Basilica

A short walk from the museum is the St. Peter’s Square, and the Basilica, with its dome a highlight in the Roman skyline. You don’t require a ticket to enter the Basilica. Also, you can also visit the top of the dome via stairs or an elevator, for a breathtaking view. The best time to do this is towards closing time.

St Peter’s square

Also, be ready for huge crowds and lines outside of the Basilica, as it is a major tourist destination at all times.

St Peter’s.

Vatican Gardens

For terrific views of the Basilica as well as the most green gardens you’ll ever see, book a tour of the Gardens of Vatican City. Scattered with fountains, small ponds with marine life, and an exclusive view of the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Gardens are a must visit while in the country. They are almost never crowded, except for a few reservations a day.

Eating in the Vatican

Ditch the most visible places you see near the Basilica or the Museums, and look for cafes or restaurants near the metro stations, or a short distance away. Go for a sit-down lunch at a cafe, and indulge in some pizza or sandwiches. You can also try some great Gelato.

Travel Tips:

  • Make sure you’re modestly dressed, as some places may object to certain types of clothing.
  • If you’re quick on your feet, you can cover the entire country in one day.
  • Avoid eating at the tourist spots- they usually sell overpriced items.

Comment and tell me about your own Italian experiences!

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