The Roman Diary

The Roman experience begins here

A saying by Giotto Di Bondone goes, ‘Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.’ Rightly so, the Roman empire that now lays in beautiful ruin, is a swarm for innumerable tourists every year. Rome is a city built upon history, with almost every inch a depiction of our ancestors’ art and architecture. Read on to learn more about this enchanting city, and plan a trip as soon as possible!

Places to see:


Undoubtedly the most famous attraction in the city of Rome, the Colosseum stands as colossal proof of ethereal Roman architecture. The Colosseum was built as an amphitheatre, and has suffered many ruins in the two thousand years since it was built. The amphitheatre is definitely a must-see. There are various guided tours available for the Colosseum and the Roman forum, which help enrich the experience.

The Colosseum in all its glory

TIP: Book your tickets in advance, digitally or in person, to avoid long queues!

Check here for tickets.

Roman Forum

A former social and political centre, the Roman forum is a gathering of over 900 buildings, monuments, and temples. Located right next to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum also has access to the Palatine hill, which offers a great view of the entire forum. My personal tip is to check out the history and names of all buildings while you look at them!

The ruins of the Roman forum

Altar of the fatherland

Also called ‘Altare Della Patria’, the Altar is a monument constructed in honor of Victor Emmanuel II. Located between the Piazza Venezia and the Capitoline Hill, it houses a lot of history, like the rest of the city. It closes at 7:30pm, so I would recommened going there after dark and taking in the breathtaking ,panoramic view of Rome that it has to offer.

The altar, in great memory.
Exploring the Colosseum

Piazza navona

After a long day of sightseeing, visiting and sitting around at Piazza Navona is a great way of ending the exciting tour of the city. There are usually a lot of street performers circling the area, which will ensure no boredom. And of course, pay attention to the beautiful architectural sights surrounding the area that are a naturality in Rome.

That rustic appeal!


The Pantheon is yet another attraction in Rome that carries remnants of Roman history and architecture. It is essentially a church now, which is credential enough for its excellent maintenance and popularity. It closes at 7:30 in the evening, so a day-time trip is advisable.


When it comes to food, Rome is the essence of Italian cuisine and food. Take a look at some specialties that are a must-try!


Not that it needs an introduction, but Gelato is a popular Italian frozen dessert. It is generally a mixture of custard, cream, and milk, made without eggs. My pick is Bar Tre Scalini located in Piazza Navona, which offers over 150 flavours of Gelato. This one is a one of its kind treat!

Gelato? Gelato.
Enough said.


Being in Italy and not indulging is Pasta is close to sin. With various pasta shops around each corner, it makes for a fulfilling and inexpensive meal. Choose from a types of Pastas and a variety sauces to top them!

Shop your own

Visit the Testaccio market in the neighbourhood with the same name, and buy from a selection of vegetables, fruits and meats. The market isn’t swarming with tourists which is a huge upside.


Day trip to Vatican city

The Vatican, as advertised by innumerable books and movies, is a tremendously famous tourist destination. Being a country surrounded by Rome, it is frequented by tourists who are in Italy, for its sheer depth and richness in museums in art. There are various means of travel available to Vatican City, as well as a number of guided tours and itineraries for a day or two.

ALSO CHECK OUT: Day trip to Vatican City

Night time at Spanish Steps

Rome is a beautiful city to be in during the dark, and there is no dearth of places to experience the beauty from. Sit with some food near the Spanish Steps and experience an evening around fountains, whilst an ancient, but romantic vibe surrounds you!

Each street tells a story

EUR Zone

A break from Rome’s archaic, architectural wonders, spend the day exploring the EUR Zone in Rome. Take a look around the Roman Civilization Museum which peeps an insight into the ancient Roman life, or get to know about Italian folk culture at the Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari. The district also has a modernized, square colosseum, and is a change from the large crowds that you’ll find in all other parts of Rome.


Accomodation in Rome is readily available from place to place, though you might have to loosen the purse strings a little!

Best neighbourhoods to stay in would be Monti Area, which is just a walk from the Roman Forum; Trastevere, with its beautiful alleyways and booming nightlife, and the Testaccio, with leser hustle-bustle, the food market, and a homely vibe!

Travel tips:

  • Stay at the colosseum till sundown. It’s a pretty sight at night too. Also, the crowds disperse as the evening nears.
  • Spend as much time in the city at night as possible. The city has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife.
  • Many of the attractions in Rome are holy places, and you will need to be dressed appropriately. Avoid wearing clothes that might land you in trouble when you visit them.
  • Spend a couple days in Rome, there’s too much too see in the city. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why see it in a day, right?
  • Be prepared for HUGE crowds, and hence, long queues. It is best to book tickets, tours, and even restaurants in advance, as the city sees a large tourism base, especially during summer time.
Lonely traveler.

That’s it for now! Leave a comment and tell me what else you want to see next!

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