That Venetian Vibe

Resonating with beauty, history, and vibrance is the majestic city of Venice. Also called ‘Venezia’, this hub of history is timeless and dazzling, with its canals and surreal architecture. Venice is one of my personal favorite Italian cities, commanding competition for one of the most romantic cities in the world, perhaps.  With its labyrinth of narrow roads and beautiful canals, Venice is a place like no other. Here’s all you need to know about one of Europe’s most desirable travel destinations. The pictures themselves might say it all!

Getting TO Venice

The lack of motorized road traffic has not deterred Venice from seeing a huge tourism base every year. Various transport routes are available to get to the city, including trains, flights, and buses.

Deep blue Venetian waters

Train: Italy offers an excellent network of trains (Trenitalia) that connects the country really well, and even to other cities. Majorly all the railway connections in Venice end at the Santa Lucia Train Station (Ferrovia Venezia Santa Lucia),located within the lagoon.

Check out

Bus: Using buses is another excellent option to get to Venice. ATVO is a popular bus service that operates around and to and fro from Venice. The main bus station is Piazzale Roma, from which you may shift to other means like Water Taxis.

View from the water bus

Fly in: Like other cities, Venice is also well-connected by air and has a fully-functional airport.

Getting around Venice

Walking: Walking around the narrow and surprising streets is an experience in itself, and also the most obvious way to get around the quaint city. The city is easily doable on foot, and i recommend walking as much as possible around Venice. There are also a number of staircases and long pathways that you can only spot on foot. Explore the shops and even tourist places on foot, sans luggage, of course.

Lit? Lit!
Selfie, anyone?

Water Taxi: Right in front of the train station are positioned water taxis, a thrill of their own. They are full of an adventurous feel, and are always a safe, convenient way to go to places that are a bit farther.

Water Buses: Water buses are a great way to reach from one end to the other. You can even buy a bus ride from the station you enter in, to your hotel in Venice. Bus passes are readily available for full trips.

Gondolas: Lastly, there are the gondolas. It costs close to 100 Euros (close to INR 7,802) for 30 minutes so it’s not really worth it just for getting from place to place.

Venice, you beaut!

Start with:

Piazza San Marco

The Piazza San Marco, alternatively known as as St. Mark’s Square, is essentially a square and the heart of the city, also a  prime tourist attraction in Venice. Here you’ll find the St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Campanile (the bell tower), The Bridge of Sighs, restaurants, shops, and museums. It is also constantly flooded with a number of pigeons at all times!

Explore with me?

St Mark’s Basilica

An enchanting example of Italo-Byzantine architecture, the Basilica is a Roman Catholic Church open daily between 2-5pm and welcomes visitors and worshipers alike.

The interiors of Saint Basilica

Gondola ride

The vision of Gondolas circling the deep, blue waters are a vibrant sight to whomsoever visits the city of Venice. However, owing to the high prices for a small time frame, it isn’t worth spending on more than once. Utilize the ride for the thrill, only!

Through the alleys!

Bell tower of Venice

Be an early bird for a day and visit the Bell Tower or the Campanile, for a beautiful, panoramic view of Venice, its blue waters, and bluer skies. Reaching before 9:30 can help you avoid the long queues that will eventually line up.

Bridge of sighs

The enclosed bridge was built out of white limestone in the 1600s and connects the prison with the interrogation rooms in Doge’s Palace. Legend has it that the Bridge of Sighs was so called because the prisoners ‘sighed’ at the beauty of Venice while crossing the bridge.

Doge’s palace

Indulge in some Secret Itineraries tours at Doge’s palace and learn more about the rich history of Venice.

Learn more here.

What to experience

Water taxis

Apart from being a great way to move around the city, water taxis are also an enthralling experience of their own. Shove the heavy bags in and go for a thrilling ride at least one.

Rialto bridge

Popularly, Ponte De Rialto, is a bridge at the centre of the hustle and bustle. Crowded at all times and a hub for all the Gondola activity, it is a major landmark in Venice. Spend some chill time at Rialto bridge, taking in the beauty and soaking in some sun.

Rialto bridge in all its glory


The City is extremely well lit at night, and spending some time by the waters will truly be a memory to cherish.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Chill with some pigeons at San Marco

This is pretty self-explanatory from the pictures that follow, and a million pigeons waiting to be fed at San Marco!



Venice is a pretty great place to stay in a guesthouse for a homely feel. Ditch the old school hotels and book one of these. Upsides, you get to cook your own food!


A good, comfy AirBnB is available everywhere, and Venice is no different.

Through a random still around the city


If you’re a lone traveler, book a hostel starting from as low as 15 Euros a night.

Travel tips:

  • SHOP: The city is full of major brands and beautiful ensembles available everywhere. Use that to your advantage.
  • Make sure to have Google Maps handy while touring the city. Venice is a labyrinth and can get really dodgy at times. If you prefer old school, just buy a map instead.
  • Avoid buying eatables or drinks at heavy tourist spots. Things tend to be more expensive in places like those.
  • Try to book an accomodation near San Marco, as most tourist spots circle this area.
Would you wanna miss this?

Venice, you’ll always have my heart!

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